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If you notice water condensation on the walls, water spots, or a mildew smell in your home, there may be a leak that needs repair. Water damage can happen fast and the cost of it can be expensive, so it’s important you seek out a Marietta plumber as soon as possible. Many times the damage is in a discreet location, so the problem can escalate without you knowing it. Give Dupree Plumbing a call right away if you suspect you have a leak.

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How To Check For Water Leaks

It’s recommended that you look regularly for leaks because detecting it when it’s smaller can greatly save you time and money in the long run. If you suspect there may be one, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Helpful Tips To Help You Determine If You Have A Leak:

  • Common areas to check are in your kitchen, bathroom, and on walls.
  • Leaks can often move into other rooms as they progress, so it’s important to look at the walls and ceilings of all rooms (not just those with a direct water connection.)
  • Check your water meter and water bill for any changes

Common Causes Of Leaks

Leaks can occur from old plumbing that is original in the house or that has not been updated in many years. Having ongoing maintenance from a plumber can make your system last longer and can also avoid larger issues from occurring. Corrosion is another common cause of leaks and this can be the result of an incorrect water pH level, water pressure, chemicals, and other water quality issues.

Exciting New Technology to Help with Leaks

Our Marietta plumbing company installs only the highest products and one of our newest plumbing products is Phyn, a state-of-the-art detection system that recognizes and alerts you of a leak. It uses an auto-shutoff system to avoid water loss and prevent further damage to your home. This is an environmentally friendly option that can also save you money and potentially avoid plumbing issues.

Fixing Plumbing Leaks Throughout Cobb County

As soon as you detect a sign of leaking, contact Dupree Plumbing and one of our qualified Marietta plumbing service professionals can come inspect your home to determine if there is a leak and how to correct it. Let us guide you through any potential problem or question by asking us about the full range of our Marietta plumbing services.

Why Choose Dupree Plumbing For Leak Detection?

  • More than 60 years of experience
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • BBB® accredited business
  • Family owned and operated company
  • High customer satisfaction ratings
  • Upfront, affordable pricing
  • 10% discount for active-duty military and veterans
  • Best brands in the industry available

Save yourself time and money! Don’t let a leak progress. Call Dupree Plumbing at 770-428-2291 as soon as you recognize signs to schedule an appointment with a plumbing contractor in Marietta.

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