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Gas Water Heater Services in Marietta

Gas water heaters remain one of the most popular ways of heating water for your home, but like any system that relies on combustion, interacts with water, or has moving components, they age and require repairs or replacement relatively often. When the time comes to consider what to do with your gas water heater, make sure you have an experienced team of plumbers on your side for the decision-making process — a team like Dupree Plumbing.

Schedule gas water heater installation or repair services today. Contact Dupree Plumbing for service in the Marietta area by dialing 770-428-2291 or reaching out to us online.

Advantages of Gas Water Heaters

If it’s time to replace your water heater, you may need to choose between electric and gas for your replacement. When considering gas, there are three major benefits you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • Lower Monthly Costs: While gas heaters are actually slightly less efficient than equivalent electric water heaters in terms of converting raw fuel to heat, in most cases, the cost of natural gas runs low enough to make gas water heaters cheaper on a monthly basis.  
  • Faster Heating: All things equal, a gas water heater will heat your water faster than a comparable electric unit. Specialty electric units may break this rule, however.
  • Works During Outage: Most gas water heaters don’t need power to run, meaning you’ll still have hot water if your power ends up out for a lengthy period of time.

Top Gas Water Heaters

When you come to Dupree Plumbing Co. for your gas water heater, you’ll benefit from the best manufacturers and product lines on the market, including:

A.O. Smith

A.O. Smith’s ProLine products encompass a wide range of use cases, while the ProLine Master adds improved quality and efficiency to those designs. For premium products, the ProLine XE lines add various specialized features to top-of-the-line components and designs.


Rheem offers a wide selection of gas water heaters, with designs ranging from low-cost traditional units to cutting-edge high-efficiency designs. They’re certain to offer something suitable for any home or need.

Bradford White

Bradford White is synonymous with quality. Benefit from a wide selection of traditional gas designs and more modern high-efficiency designs.

What to Expect During a Gas Water Heater Installation by Dupree Plumbing

So, you’ve finished your consultation, picked a gas water heater, and set a date for the installation. When that day comes, installing your water heater won’t be a big fuss. Our team will take full precautions to manage your gas line safely throughout the installation.

If we’re swapping two similar gas water heaters, we’ll likely be done in only a few hours; the more differences between the units, the longer it will take.

After we finish installation, we’ll carefully inspect every aspect of the installation and the water heater’s function to ensure it’s operating safely and in compliance with all relevant regulations and codes.

Why Choose Us?

Dupree Plumbing brings decades of experience as a family-owned company serving Marietta and Cobb County to work on every installation or repair job. When you choose Dupree Plumbing, you’re choosing a fixture of the area, a trusted name in plumbing that’s certain to deliver quality work every time — or else our company wouldn’t still be growing, even after six decades of service to the community.

Schedule gas water heater installation or repair today by dialing 770-428-2291 or reaching out to us online. We look forward to hearing from you.


Should I choose a gas water heater or electric water heater?

Your decisions will be guided by your purchasing budget, special considerations that might be better answered by one or the other, and your long-term efficiency goals, but neither is universally better than the other.

How long does gas water heater installation take?

For a swap, three or four hours will likely be enough. The more differences between units, the longer it might take.

How long do gas water heaters last?

Between eight and 12 years for a standard design. Some models may be built to last longer.

Do gas water heaters need to be serviced?

Yes, at least once a year to maintain peak function and ensure a long life span.

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