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The Importance of a Water Heater Flush

You rely on your water heater every day, but do you often consider how well it’s running? It’s not uncommon to only think about water tank maintenance when there’s a problem, but routine flushing and check-ups can prevent malfunctions, costly repairs, and even breakdowns.

Flushing helps clean your system of any mineral build-up and other debris that can damage the tank and cause problems.

Why You Need to Flush Your Water Tank

Many states have hard water, which means the water pumped into homes and offices is filled with minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron. Hard water can lead to a lot of unsavory side-effects, one of which includes water tank build-up. Sediment that’s filtered through your heater settles at the base of the tank, and over time, this can create a blockage.

If you live in a state with hard water, you should be especially diligent with your water tank maintenance. Because the water in your home’s plumbing has a greater concentration of minerals than soft water, the risk of build-up and blockages is higher.

Routine flushing isn’t just for blockages, though. Annual flushing and check-up can improve your system’s efficiency. As sediment gathers in the tank, hot water isn’t delivered throughout your home as easily. When your heater has to work harder to produce hot water, you wind up spending more on your bills for no reason.

Annual flushing can also prevent rust. Rust build-up can erode a water tank completely. If you practice annual flushing, you can prevent extensive damage and prolong your heater’s life.

The Importance of Safety

Flushing not only improves your system’s functionality but also ensures its safety. Like any object, water tanks and heaters are prone to natural wear-and-tear. Since we use our heaters every day for showers, laundry and cleaning our dishes, regular maintenance is crucial to preventing damage.

Water heaters have safety devices installed in them that help prevent major problems. The relief valve prevents scalding and burns, and the gas valve ensures a gas-run heater shuts off at a certain temperature to prevent fires.

Annual flushing includes a maintenance check, so you can rest assured that your system is not only fully operational but also safe to use for everyone in the house.

Ensure Your Warranty With Regular Flushing

Many heaters are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. The average lifespan of a water heating system is 8 to 12 years, but things happen and you may need a replacement before that. There is a catch, though. Most warranties have a policy that requires owners to perform routine maintenance on their heaters, as the majority of problems that lead to early breakdowns are preventable.

When a tank fails, you need documented proof that you didn’t cause the problem. Annual maintenance invoices and reports from a plumbing company demonstrate that you took care of your system and are entitled to a replacement.

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