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When you contact a professional plumber in Marietta, it is likely that you are dealing with a plumbing issue that is getting out of hand. However, what about those problems you suspect is there but are not sure if it’s worth calling a plumber for? Or perhaps you have questions about preventative measures you can perform to mitigate plumbing issues early on? Let Dupree Plumbing answer all your plumbing questions starting with this FAQ page where we compiled our responses to the most common inquiries of past customers,so you can take action right away.

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What happens when roots get inside the drain lines?

Shrub and tree roots always seek out water, especially in the pipeline, to help them grow. They can get inside even the smallest holes or cracks in your pipes. When left undisturbed, these roots multiply or increase in size and cause a blockage in your water or sewer line, resulting in reduced water flow and slow drains.

What is the right temperature for water heaters?

Manufacturers usually pre-set their water heaters at around 120°F. For homeowners with an older model, it is typically at medium setting. There is really no right or wrong water heater temperature, it will always depend on your needs and preference. However, just keep in mind that changing the temperature frequently also makes your water heater work harder, which could potentially increase your water bill. If your water heater is not complying with the setting or if the water remains too hot or too cold, call one of our expert plumbers, so we can troubleshoot the problem.

What is the cause of the rumbling noise coming from my water heater?

The rumbling noise in your water heater usually indicates the presence of sediments in the tank. This is a common problem for households with hard water. Over time, sediments can become trapped in the tank that when the water boils, you hear it moving around. You can try draining some of it by attaching a drain hose to the valve located at the bottom of the tank. However, if this work seems too tedious for you, our professional plumbers can help.

Do you have maintenance tips for water heaters?

Regularly checking the pressure relief valve and replacing it when it fails can greatly help your water heater maintain its efficiency. You should also flush out or drain the sediment buildup in the tank at least once a year. For a more comprehensive water heater maintenance, call Dupree Plumbing.

What is the white substance on my showerhead and faucet?

The white substance on your showerhead and faucet are mineral deposits from your water. Usually made up of iron, calcium, and magnesium, mineral deposits can obstruct the flow of water in your faucet or make your showerhead spray water in all directions. Fortunately, mineral deposits are easy to get rid of using natural ingredients like vinegar. Just put some vinegar in a plastic bag and wrap this around the showerhead or faucet. After a few hours, remove it and gently scrub the showerhead or faucet to completely remove all traces of minerals.

How do I get rid of garbage disposal odors?

Foul odors are one of the most common problems homeowners encounter with garbage disposals. However, this can be easily remedied by putting some citrus wedges like lemons or oranges down the disposal and running it with cold water for about 30 seconds. You can also add ice cubes to help sharpen the blades. Follow this up by squirting a small amount of detergent while the dispenser is still turned on. Continue running the water for another 30 seconds to completely get rid of the food debris and smell.

What is your recommendation for toilet replacement?

Most toilets usually last up to 50 years. If your toilet, however, has a huge visible crack or leaking from the base, it might mean that it’s time to replace your toilet. Dupree Plumbing can help you find a new toilet for your home. There may be a myriad of toilets available on the market today, but with our team to guide you, there is no need for you to worry. Rest assured that we only recommend industry-leading brands that come with unbeatable warranties. Our team can even help you find specialized toilets such as low-flow or “green” toilets to help with water conservation.

What could be the reason for the sudden surge in my water bill?

If there is no change in your water consumption yet your bill is continuously increasing, the culprit might be due to a hidden leak on your property. Try finding other signs of a leak such as low water pressure, mold growth, or damp spots on your lawn. You may also switch off your main water valve and watch your water meter. If the meter continues to run even if all your water is turned off, it’s time to call our Marietta plumbers for professional repairs.

What is the cause of honking and groaning noises from the pipes?

Honking and groaning noises in your pipes usually indicate that you lost your “air cushion.” To solve this, simply shut off the main water valve then turn on all the faucets. Switch the main water valve back on and let the water run in the faucet to restore air cushion and then turn the faucets off again.

My sink drain is slow to empty. What should I do?

A slow drain is an indication of a clog. Try removing the clog using a plunger. If the water remains, we recommend opening the trap and removing any debris that you can find. While we usually discourage store-bought liquid drain chemicals because of the harm they can cause to your pipes, we also know that all-natural drain cleaning formulas are available on the market now. However, if all else still fails, please call us for professional drain cleaning in Marietta or the surrounding areas.


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