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At Dupree Plumbing, our certified plumbers are masters at ensuring our plumbing systems operate perfectly. Our team is proud to say we can do it all, from plumbing installations and repairs to maintenance and replacements!

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Our Plumbing Services for Your Atlanta, GA Home

Plumbing Repairs

Clogged toilet? Leaky faucet? Dripping drain? Our certified plumbers can fix the problem and ensure it won’t return. In addition, we maintain a complete parts inventory and can perform almost any repair with the tools and components within our service vehicles.

Water Heater Services

We’re the water heater experts in Atlanta. Our team can take on water heater installations, replacements, repairs, and tune-ups. We have extensive experience servicing traditional tank water heaters, gas water heaters, and eco-friendly, on-demand tankless water heaters.

Drain & Sewer Services

With our specialty in drain and sewer services, we can clear any clogs in your drains and ensure your sewer lines are as clean as a whistle! We have specialized snakes, hydro jets, and other tools that allow us to clear everything from children’s toys to tree roots from your pipes.

Drain Cleanings & Repairs

Clean drains make for an efficient home. We’ll make sure your drains are running smoothly and your pipes are clear. If your drains aren’t working properly, our team can repair them! We can fix cracked drains, collapsed drains, and more.

Sewer Line Services

It’s our pleasure to help you maintain your sewer lines. We can perform preventative maintenance, repairs, and sewer line replacements in Atlanta. Whether your home is a few years old or a hundred years old, we have extensive experience with regional sewer systems and can apply the appropriate solution for your home.

Repiping Services

The pipes in your home, unfortunately, won’t last forever and will need to be replaced eventually. When you reach that point, it’s time to call on Dupree Plumbing. We’ll help determine if pipe repairs are sufficient or if you’ll need repiping services.

Garbage Disposal Services

A broken garbage disposal won’t ruin dinner, but it will make cleaning up more difficult. We can repair, replace, install, and perform maintenance on a wide range of garbage disposal systems. Whether it’s a fork stuck in the disposal, an electrical connection that’s come loose, or a disposal that’s past its prime, we’ll apply the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

Sump Pump & Ejector Pump Services

Sump pumps and ejector pumps are critical for protecting your home. The team at Dupree Plumbing can maintain these systems and perform a full range of maintenance to ensure they work perfectly if your basement starts to flood.

Fixture Services

When you need a new toilet, want a new faucet, or simply need a few nuts and bolts tightened, our team is ready to help. We can install, repair, or replace fixtures that offer the eco-friendly function and cost savings you desire.

Water Treatments

Hard water? Not a problem for our team! We can install water softeners and other water treatment systems to soften your water and improve your quality of life.

New Construction

We can plumb your new home, install fixtures, and more. We work closely with builders to ensure that everything fits perfectly and functions with the precision you expect from your plumbing systems.

Choose Dupree for Your Plumbing in Atlanta!

For more than 60 years, our family-owned plumbing company has served clients throughout Marietta and Cobb County. We believe every client deserves honest and upfront pricing and the quality service and workmanship that accredited technicians can offer. As a BBB-accredited company, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and are proud to pass on promotions and cost savings to our clients.

Customers trust our Vinings plumbers because:

We invite you to contact Dupree Plumbing at 770-428-2291 to learn why we’re the first choice of your friends, family, and neighbors!

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Robert B. arrived on time, diagnosed the problem and got the problem fixed promptly. Dupree Plumbing always comes through for us - fast and efficient service.

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