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Do you need to replace your toilet? Need help taking care of a pipe leak? Or maybe you want an experienced technician to figure out why your water heater is making so much noise?

If any of this applies to you, make sure to call Dupree Plumbing! We offer repairs, replacements, and installations for all your plumbing needs. Our family-owned company is backed by over 60 years of experience, and happen to be known across the community for going above and beyond to get the job done right. We are equipped with the latest tools and technology. And as a Better Business Bureau-accredited company, you can rest assured knowing we hold ourselves to the highest industry standards. For a Sandy Springs plumber that can offer you the best services, the best products, and the best prices, call Dupree Plumbing today.

At Dupree Plumbing, we go the extra mile for our customers by:

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Timely Plumbing Repairs at Competitive Prices

Our Sandy Springs plumbing company was founded in 1958. That means that over the course of the last 60-plus years, we’ve pretty much seen it all. Our accredited plumbing technicians have adapted to keep up with the industry, while still providing the same type of efficient and affordable work we have always had a reputation for. Today, we can offer you the most cutting-edge plumbing services on the market. From your kitchen to your bathroom, our team is fully trained to keep your water running and your pipes clear. And on top of that, our plumbing contractors can also help with your next construction or remodeling project, ensuring your new plumbing system functions at peak efficiency for years to come.

Some of our most popular plumbing repair options include:

  • Drain Repairs
  • Sewer & Water Line Repairs
  • Garbage Disposal Repairs
  • Repiping Services

You need working plumbing from the minute you wake up and take a shower in the morning till the time you brush your teeth before going to bed at night. Your plumbing system is what gives you clean drinking water and disposes of toxic wastewater, not to mention that without functioning plumbing, you wouldn’t be able to cook, clean, or bathe. Because your plumbing is such an essential part of your everyday routine, it is important to hire a company to provide plumbing repairs in Sandy Springs that will work to take care of all your issues ASAP. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you get with Dupree Plumbing. We know the importance of urgency when dealing with plumbing problems and will always work to get rid of drain clogs, pipe leaks, and more before you know it.

Your Local Water Heater Repair & Maintenance Team

Has this ever happened to you: you wake up, ready to start your day, and go to the bathroom for your morning shower. But when you turn your tap on, there’s no more hot water! Now your shower is not only unpleasant, but your whole daily routine has been thrown off.

Don’t let this happen again! Dupree Plumbing offers Sandy Springs water heater repair and more for a range of makes and models of equipment. Whether you are dealing with a gas or electric unit, our water heater technicians have the tools and experience needed to keep it running. Sometimes, your tank may just need to be flushed out, or require some other small tune-up. Other times, your system could be experiencing a larger mechanical malfunction, in which case you may need to look at upgrading to a new one. Just watch out for bad signs like sudden changes in water temperature and pressure, a recent increase in your utility bill, as well as odd smells or loud noises coming from your tank. If these are issues you are dealing with, call Dupree Plumbing right away for safe and quick service.

Our Sandy Springs water heater services include:

  • Water Heater Repair
  • Water Heater Replacement & Installation
  • Water Heater Maintenance
  • Tankless Water Heater Repair & Replacement

If you are looking to upgrade your water heater and are also looking for a way to get instant hot water on-demand, a tankless system may be your best option. Unlike regular water heaters, tankless models do not have to store and reheat your water again and again in a large tank. This means they are more cost-efficient to operate, and can save you money on your overall energy expenses. They are also extremely eco-friendly, tend to last a long time, and are easy to install and access because of their small size. Plus, who doesn’t want a constant supply of hot water!

If you’ve got a plumbing or water heater problem, we’re here to help you!
Contact Dupree Plumbing and let our East Cobb plumbing company take care of the issue for you today.

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