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What to Include in Your Water Heater Maintenance Checklist

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Ordinarily, an electric water heater should last about 10-12 years, depending on the model and usage and such. Whether your water heater is brand new or a few years old, it is important to maintain it regularly. Water heater maintenance requires a detailed checklist so you don’t miss anything important.

However, the truth is, you don’t need to be an expert plumber to make a checklist. It all begins with knowing what to look for and where to look when performing maintenance checks. 

Here’s what you should include in your water heater maintenance checklist:

1. Turn Off the Heater

Before doing any type of inspection or maintenance on your water heater, make sure you turn off the power supply. This will prevent electric shock or other mishaps from occurring.

2. Look for Any Leaks

Inspect all pipes, valves, and hoses connected to your water heater for any signs of wear or damage. If you find a leak, call Dupree Plumbing right away to take care of it before it gets worse and causes more damage.

3. Check the Valves

Make sure all of the valves on your water heater are in good shape, as well as functioning properly. Valves that don’t close all the way can cause leaks or other issues.

4. Drain the Water Heater

Draining a few gallons of water from the tank helps to remove any sediment buildup at the bottom of it.

5. Remove Mineral Sediment Build-up

Mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium can build up inside your water heater tank over time, which can reduce its efficiency and even lead to corrosion or scale buildup that needs to be removed by a professional plumber. 

This is another area where Dupree Plumbing comes in! Our technicians have years of experience dealing with water heater problems and can get your tank running like new again.

6. Check the Heating Element for Scale

You should check the heating element of your water heater on a regular basis to ensure there’s no buildup of scale, which can reduce its efficiency.

7. Check the Magnesium Anode Rod

The magnesium anode rod helps to reduce corrosion inside your water heater, so it is important to make sure it’s in good condition.

8. Replace Gaskets if Needed

Gaskets are important components that help keep the seals on pipes and valves tight, so they need to be checked regularly and replaced as necessary.

9. Refill the Tank

Finally, you’ll need to refill the tank with new water. Make sure that when you are refilling it, you do so by closing all the valves and turning on the water again. 

10. One Final Check

Once you have done all of the above, it’s time for one final inspection. Check to make sure all the valves and pipes are connected properly, then turn on the power supply again to ensure your water heater is working correctly.

Water Heater Maintenance with Dupree Plumbing 

When it comes to water heater maintenance, there’s no substitute for regular checks and maintenance by a professional plumber like Dupree Plumbing! We can help inspect your water heater for signs of wear or damage and take care of any problems that may arise before they become major issues. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!