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Can You Sell a House With Polybutylene Pipes in Georgia?

Is it even possible to sell a house in Georgia that has polybutylene pipes? Yes, you can put the home on the market and sell it. However, you may be hard-pressed to find someone who wants to buy it. While the real estate market is red hot right now and potential buyers are willing to overlook many flaws, this is not one they’re going to turn a blind eye towards.

The problem with polybutylene pipes is not if but when they will need to be replaced. Buyers know this and are not eager to put in an offer knowing there is a potentially costly and unavoidable expense on the horizon. Even if the buyer hires a top-quality home inspector, the inspector won’t tear the pipes apart and thus won’t know just how severe the pipes have degraded.  If they do make an offer, at best, they are likely to submit a bid that is lower than your asking price. At worst, they are likely to make pipe replacement a contingency that you will need to address before they agree to the purchase.

Polybutylene Pipes Can Cause Other Concerns

Moreover, while you can sell a home with polybutylene pipes, it can send red flags flying that there are other problems they don’t know about lurking within the home. They may be wary about asbestos, lead pipes, pest infestations, and other manifestations that aren’t present. These concerns can fester and cause them to pass your home over for the house down the block. 

Replacing Polybutylene Pipes

The best option is to replace any polybutylene pipes you have in your home. This allows you to oversee the replacement process and ensure the work is performed to the highest quality standards. Further, by removing the problem, you will remove the concern. This can result in a significantly shorter time on the market and a higher sales price at closing. It is an investment that is worth every penny, and it is one you will undoubtedly recover.

Do you have more questions about replacing polybutylene pipes in Georgia? Contact the team at Dupree Plumbing by calling 770-428-2291. Our team will answer your questions and help you determine the best strategies to ensure your plumbing is up to code and the buyer’s expectations.