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How Much Does a Water Heater Replacement Cost?

Did you know the average person uses warm or hot water up to 20 times a day? Consistent hot water is something we all rely on for cleaning, cooking, and bathing. One of the home’s workhorse appliances, most homeowners don’t give theirs much thought until it either stops working or causes a flood.

If your water heater is beyond repair and must be replaced, here’s everything you need to know about installing a new one, including the general cost, your equipment options, and when replacement makes more sense than repairs.

When To Replace a Broken Water Heater

With proper maintenance, most electric and gas water heaters have a life span of about 12 years. Tankless models, however, often last 20 years or more. As your water heater ages, it’s typical for it to need more frequent repairs, a sure sign you’ll likely need to replace it soon.

While annual maintenance goes a long way in prolonging its life, here are some sure signs it’s time for a water heater replacement.

  • Age. Once it’s 10 years old or more, it’s usually best to replace your water heater to avoid having a complete breakdown that causes flooding. This is definitely a case of “better safe than sorry.”
  • Bad water pump. If you see signs such as rust on the tank or in the water, if the heater is no longer producing hot water, or if you find leaks around the equipment, you’re likely dealing with a bad water pump. Because the materials and labor costs to repair or replace a broken water pump can be significant, it often makes more sense to replace rather than repair your entire water heater.
  • Inlet valve or pipe corrosion. A sure sign of a coming leak.
  • Strange noises. When these occur in the water heater’s tank, they typically indicate sediment buildup, which can accelerate tank damage. Flushing the system once a year helps eliminate sediment, but if the tank continues to make noise, there’s a bigger problem somewhere and it’s probably time for a replacement.
  • Leaks. Even the most minor water leak poses serious risks, as they can soon escalate to major ones that cause flooding that can destroy personal belongings and promote extensive mold growth.

Something else to look for is an increase in your heating bill. Though it might indicate a problem with your HVAC system, the electrical thermostat, or the unit’s heating element, if you’ve tried adjustments or repairs yet your bill remains high, it may be better to replace the system overall.

How Much Does a Replacement Water Heater Cost?

On average, installing a new conventional water heater in your Marietta area will cost you anywhere from $800 to $2,000 or more, including labor. Installing a tankless water heater can run upward of $4,000, as it’s typically a more labor-intensive setup. Depending on the tankless model, that estimate can even go up.

Factors that go into the cost of replacing a water heater include:

  • The water heater’s size, which is based on the amount of hot water your home and family require.
  • How energy-efficient of a system you want.
  • The make or model of the system.
  • The fuel or energy source you prefer, including electric or gas.

Most standard electric water heaters cost somewhere between $400 to $1,600, though some available options substantially increase the price, often by thousands of dollars. Gas water heaters run about the same, though the top price can be lower than that for an electric model.

When choosing a new water heater, it’s also important to consider things such as recovery rate, energy efficiency, and lifetime operating costs. For instance, a gas water heater has a faster hot water recovery rate and lower lifetime costs when compared to electric models, but electric water heaters are far more energy-efficient. This can be a huge deciding factor in which equipment you choose, as water heaters are the second-highest source of energy consumption in the home.

Who To Call When It’s Time for a Water Heater Replacement

The licensed plumbers at Dupree Plumbing are fully trained and equipped to ensure the proper repair and replacement of all types of water heaters. Since 1958, homeowners throughout Marietta and Cobb County have entrusted our family-owned plumbing company has been with the plumbing services they need to live comfortably and well. No other plumbing company outperforms us in abilities, products, or customer service. Contact us online today or call us at 770-428-2291 to learn more or to schedule service.