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7 Secrets to Achieving Perfect Pipes

Your plumbing is a vital part of your home. Without it, you couldn’t shower, wash your dishes, clean your clothes, or bask in the bliss of what is known as “clean sheet day.” So since it’s such an important part of your home, why not give it the love and attention it so deserves.

Whether it’s a minor issue you keep ignoring or a new one that just occurred, a sudden leak, drip, or change are all signs that something more is probably happening. To make sure your plumbing is working as it should, here are our seven secrets to achieving perfect pipes:

Fix a Drip

At some point in everyone’s life, they’ve experienced that slow-dripping faucet. Though it might seem like a minor annoyance that can go to the bottom of the to-do list, it could be more problematic than you know. Those little drips add up over time and can cost you some serious cash on your water bill. Not only that, but it leads to some significant water waste. Though it’s usually a quick plumbing fix, a drip could be a sign of corrosion, so don’t let it slip through the cracks.

Do Sweat The Sweating

Do you know those little drips and sweat building up on your pipes? You might think it’s no big deal, but it should still be fixed. Leaving that moisture and ignoring it can lead to mold growth. Eventually, those drips will fall and can leave water damage, too. Not only that, but it could be a leak you’re not noticing. So instead, make sure you get to the root of the problem to prevent further damage now.

Avoid Grease in Your Drains

One of the worst things for your drains is grease and fat. They should never, and we mean NEVER, go down the drain. When fats, oils, and grease hit your drains, they harden and solidifying, leaving you with a significant clog that can be quite costly in repairs.

Use Hair Screens

Another main clog source — hair. Whether it’s from you or your pet, hair down your drains can leave you with a stinky, gross mess. To keep all that extra shedding from building up in your pipes, consider investing in a hair net. The few extra dollars can save you big in the long run.

Stop Ignoring Water Pressure

Low water pressure could be caused by many different things, but all of them need to be fixed. From corrosion in your pipes to a pesky leak — these are issues that can have long-lasting effects. So to ensure your plumbing lasts the test of time, find the source of low water pressure as soon as it occurs.

Consider Your Water Quality

You might have heard of the term “hard water,” but do you know what it can do to your home? Hard water can make cleaning more difficult, put a toll on your appliances — such as your washer and dishwasher — and can leave residue on your skin and hair. Not to mention, if it’s leaving this residue on you, think of what it’s doing to your pipes.

Pay Attention to Age

Want to keep your pipes perfect? Know when it’s time to repair and when it’s time to replace. Though older pipes have a long lifespan, you still don’t want to ignore the signs that say it’s time to replace. A good rule of thumb is if your home is over 60 years old, check your pipes yearly for signs of corrosion. These would be stains or flaking. If you do happen to come across some unusual signs, you’ll want to get a plumbing inspection ASAP.

When it comes time to give your plumbing a fix, repair, or simple lookover, Dupree Plumbing is here! With over 60 years serving Cobb County and the surrounding areas, count on us to provide only the best services and products to ease all your plumbing worries.